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Best Bluetooth mechanical keyboards and how to choose right one

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Mechanical keyboards are as diverse as any gear on the market. It varies from shape, size, color, style, brand to connection types. According to modern trends, especially in the past two years when humanity is fighting the Covid epidemic, people work from home, Bluetooth-connected mechanical keyboards have become more and more popular. Let's learn about this extremely useful Bluetooth wireless mechanical keyboard with Mozano.

  1. What is a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard?

Wireless mechanical keyboards are divided into two types: wireless Bluetooth connection and wireless 2.4 GHz wireless dongle connection.

The Bluetooth mechanical keyboard will use Bluetooth waves to connect with surrounding devices and start operating. Bluetooth connection, as you know, is very convenient for people who move around, or have to frequently switch back and forth between modern devices. So Bluetooth mechanical keyboards also have this interesting advantage.

1.1. The advantages of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards can be briefly summarized in the following points:

  • Wireless connection to multi-device, cross-platform: with a Bluetooth keyboard you can connect freely with many devices at the same time (currently a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard can connect up to 4 devices at the same time). At the same time, you can freely switch from PC to laptop, smartphone, tablet. As long as the destination device supports Bluetooth, it can be the connection object for your mechanical keyboard.

  • Connect without the fear of losing your Dongle: The Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is a wireless mechanical keyboard and doesn't need any other transmitters. The 2.4 GHz Wireless Dongle Mechanical Keyboard is also a wireless mechanical keyboard, but you must always carry a Dongle that plugs through the USB port to emit radio waves to help the keyboard work and connect to the device. And if you lose the dongle, it will be a very troublesome problem, so using a wireless keyboard without losing the dongle is a very "scary" problem. However, using a wireless Bluetooth mechanical keyboard you will no longer have this fear and can connect anywhere, as long as the device has Bluetooth.

  • Bluetooth connection saves more battery than 2.4 GHz wireless. Usually modern Bluetooth mechanical keyboards now have a long battery life. For example, Filco can be up to more than 10 months or even more than 1 year. No longer afraid to change the battery many times in a while, you even forget that your keyboard has a battery inside.

1.2. How many types of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards are there?

There are generally two types of Bluetooth mechanical keyboards:

  • Bluetooth connection
  • And the one that has both Bluetooth and a USB-C cable

Comparing the two types, the dual-connection mechanical keyboard (with both Bluetooth and a separate USB-C cable) is still the best choice for the following 3 reasons:

  • Minimize all risks when using: In some cases where there is too much Bluetooth signal, your connection can be interfered with, slowing down operation. In this case, using the included USB cable will be the best solution.
  • No more lag when playing games: Bluetooth mechanical keyboards, even the most modern 5.2, always have a certain delay. If you use it to work or play games, there is absolutely no problem. But if used to fight eSports, play heavy shooter games, there will be some shortcomings. Then you should attach a USB-C cable to connect to the device without lag.
  • Not 100% of devices support Bluetooth, and if you find yourself in this situation, use the included cable and plug it in.

  1. When should you buy a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard?

With the advantages (and a few small disadvantages in terms of lag or depending on whether the device supports Bluetooth or not), the Bluetooth mechanical keyboard will obviously be the ideal choice for you:

2.1. Constantly moving and using multiple devices

Home, work, travel everywhere... you are no longer dependent on cumbersome cables or any other device. All can connect and become your convenient writing and working tools. Compose long messages on the phone with the keyboard, write and play a little game on the tablet, work and meet continuously on the laptop. Or feel free to carry the keyboard with you from floor to floor, from meeting room to office, from home to camping… Everything can be done with just a single Bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

2.2. If you are a person who likes neatness on the desk

No matter how beautiful a wired keyboard is, the presence of a long cord sometimes makes you feel very uncomfortable. Unless you play custom keys and use a variety of colorful cables to add aesthetics to your keyboard. Otherwise, normally everyone wants to have a neat corner of the desk, not to be bothered by the wires around. At this point, a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is completely reasonable.

  1. Tips when choosing to buy a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard

Even if you don't choose to buy a Bluetooth keyboard, you should get a mechanical keyboard for the sake of a better and healthier typing experience. So the note when choosing to buy a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard is mostly a note when choosing to buy a standard mechanical keyboard. Before buying a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard, you need to pay attention to the following points:

3.1. What are your job requirements and travel schedule?

If you absolutely only need to work permanently on a desk with high concentration (such as a programmer) or play professional games often participating in important tournaments, then a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard where a small lag may not be appropriate. But if you often travel or use many devices at the same time as mentioned above, the Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is never a wrong choice.

3.2. Do the devices you frequently connect to support Bluetooth?

If the answer is no or sometimes no, then you should also reconsider your decision to buy a Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. Or the best way is to buy mechanical keyboards that have both Bluetooth and a separate USB-C cable included.

3.3. How many devices do you need to connect at the same time?

There are some brands that only support up to 2 or 3 devices at the same time for their Bluetooth mechanical keyboard. While a very small number of major brands allow up to 4 devices at the same time, you should keep this in mind when choosing to buy a keyboard to suit your needs.

3.4. Is switching between devices easy and convenient?

There is a keyboard that uses keystrokes to switch between devices during use. There are types of keyboards that are more complicated, only transferring the device through the accompanying software of the keyboard. But there are also a few keyboards that quickly switch by special buttons on the keyboard. You will need to carefully consider this factor before buying, so that it is most convenient and fast.


3.5. Basic considerations when buying any standard mechanical keyboard:

  • Switch type: clicky/ tactile or linear
  • Keyboard size
  • Profile keycap and keycap design
  • Quality of ingredients
  • Other secondary elements such as: NKRO feature, backlight, multimedia adjustment, keyboard foot, wrist rest…

Conclusion: Bluetooth is the trend. And Bluetooth mechanical keyboards are also an undeniable trend. Through this article, Mozano hopes that you will be able to find yourself a satisfactory Bluetooth mechanical keyboard.

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