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How to properly clean a computer mouse

When cleaning the computer periodically, many people often forget the computer mouse. This is a mistake because computer mice and other electronic devices, after a period of use, will be dirty, leading to difficult manipulation. Therefore, you should clean it regularly. However, not everyone knows how to properly clean. Today, Mozano will show you how to properly clean your mouse.

Cleaning with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA)

Things you need:

  • Cotton swabs or microfiber cloths: Microfiber cloths will not trap lint fibers on the mouse. Cotton swabs for cleaning narrow and hard to reach areas.
  • Toothpick: For areas so narrow that a cotton swab cannot reach.
  • Isopropyl alcohol: Alcohol to disinfect and clean viruses and bacteria on mice.
  • Clean, dry towel: Used to dust and dry the mouse before and after cleaning.

Mouse cleaning process:

Step 1: Disconnect the mouse from the computer. If it's a wireless mouse, turn off the mouse and remove the battery to avoid any damage.

Step 2: Clean all crevices, curves and all the places that accumulate dirt on the mouse. Use a microfiber cloth and a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to do this.

Step 3: Don't forget to clean the mouse sensor, otherwise it may cause hovering problems. Gently clean around the sensor with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. 

Step 4: Now, flip your mouse over, roll the roller to let the dirt accumulated around it fall out and wipe the area with a microfiber cloth.

Step 5: Finally, use a toothpick to remove unwanted dirt from the areas that the cotton swab can't reach. Flip the mouse over and clean any dirty areas you may have missed.

 Disassemble the mouse

After cleaning the mouse from the outside, you also need to clean it from the inside. Disassembling the mouse can vary depending on the design of the individual product, but should be fairly easy. If you're not sure, search YouTube for information about your mouse and watch a few videos on how to remove the mouse.

Step 1: Take a new cotton swab and dip it in alcohol.

Step 2: Clean any areas where you see dust build-up. You may have to use more than one cotton swab here, as the amount of dust that accumulates inside the mouse is often more than the amount of dust outside, on the surface of the mouse.

Step 3: Watch for dirt on the rollers and the board. Be very careful, because this area is very sensitive and you could damage something. You can use tweezers here if needed.

Step 4: Wait until everything is dry, then reassemble. Alcohol usually dries pretty quickly, so you might just need to wait a minute or so.

And now you have a “shiny”, new-looking mouse.


Water cleaning method

You can replace the alcohol in the above method with water. However, keep in mind that water doesn't dry as quickly as alcohol, so you may need to wait longer to reassemble and start using the mouse again. Moreover, if you want to disinfect and clean the mouse, plain water cannot do that. Instead, you will have to use the alcohol method to clean the mouse.



How often should the mouse be cleaned?

Ideally, you should clean the mouse once a month. However, you may need to clean it twice a month in the summer, but if you don't sweat a lot, once a month should be fine.

Is it possible to get sick if you don't clean the mouse?

Yes, you can get sick if you don't clean your mouse and don't wash your hands before eating. During the current COVID pandemic, you can even get sick if a carrier of the virus uses your mouse.

Can a dirty mouse affect gaming?

A dirty gaming mouse will make it difficult for you to hover and make shots in your shooters inaccurate. Therefore, you should clean your mouse regularly if you are a competitive gamer.

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