“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

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"A beautiful, smart, innocent, and even a little ‘perverted’ girl. She usually buys nice clothes and eats delicious food. She will cry when she can't eat it, and then make fun of the people around her. She will pretend to be pitiful to attract other people's love...But she never hesitates to kill someone, and every time she does, she puts a rabbit doll on the corpse..." 

Through the above description, you may come up with the image of an indifferent and perverted female killer. This is an inspiration for a designer, who designed a mechanical keyboard keycap, also called "Little Pervert", named after Villanella, a heroine in "Killing Eve". 

"Sometimes a dehumanized neurosis is more attractive than a Virgin Mary."

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

This keycap is designed by Mozano and manufactured by Domikey. Mozano is a professional brand focusing on high-end customized keycaps and key switches. It provides beautiful, comfortable, durable and highly customizable keycaps for the majority of mechanical keyboard users. 

The keycaps are made of ABS and are produced by overmolding technology. The two-color molded keycap will not cause the characters to disappear due to wear and tear, and the service life is extremely long. Compared with laser engraving, laser filling or UV-coated keycaps, the characters of the two-color molded keycaps have no depressions or protrusions. Also, the touch of each part of the keycaps as well as the thickness and color of the characters are quite consistent. Besides, the high-quality ABS material can maximize the performance of color, bringing an excellent visual effect.

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

The keycaps have the original factory height with mod plus, iso, space and other kits are integrated in the arrangement, also the big base distribution mode is adopted, which can meet the needs of most arrangements. 

The keyboard letter area is designed in black and white, providing English characters, and mixed collocation of English and Japanese keys. The dark keys in the large key area are slightly deeper than those in the alphabet area. Overall, black color is classic and elegant without losing texture, while white color is playful, lively and eye-catching. The personalized key pattern and the fresh pink keys are closer to the image of the perverted female killer in the design theme. The green of the return key and personality keys is used as an embellishment to bring a touch of freshness to the overall tone. Different keys combinations can present different effects, providing players with different styles of choice.

Mozano villanella keycap details:

Height: Cherry height

Material: ABS two-color molding

Designed by: Mozano

OEM: Domikey

In addition, based on the Villanella keycap, there is also a shaft with the same theme, named "Eve switch". The color matching of the shaft body echoes the small perverted keycaps, and three main color matching are used, the upper cover is pale lavender, the lower cover is pale blue, and the axis is pink. The overall tone is fresh and vibrant and well-matching.

Mozano eve switch details

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

Material: five-legged linear shaft, upper and lower shell nylon pa66, shaft lengthened upe

Spring: 48g trigger, 55g bottoming, extended single-stage gold-plated spring, Japanese material

Stroke: 3.7±0.3mm

Shaft life: 5000w times

Color: Axis Pantone 692c, upper cover Pantone 9244c, lower shell Pantone 4173C

Designed by: Mozano


Mozano eve switch features: 

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

Press smoothly 

The shaft body is made of a full nylon shell. In order to ensure smoothness, it retains a slight sandy feeling, making the feedback of each tap more intuitive. Unlike the calmness of Cherry's black switch bottoming out, the dryness and crispness brought by the upe switch further strengthens the feedback of its body. Surely, players who like sound will be more satisfied with the percussion sound. 

Strong rebound and moderate bond distance

The 48g long single section gold-plated spring with moderate trigger and bottom contact pressure is used, which is made of Japanese material. Under this pressure, it is very friendly for players who type and tap for a long time. Similarly, they can get a good sense of feedback.

Factory lubricated and unlubricated are available

The switch body is sufficiently moistened by the manufacturer, the spring sound is small. If you are a lazy person who humidifies the switch and doesn't want to throw it away, the factory damped EVE switch is a good choice. In addition, in view of the extreme pursuit of consistency by many players, you can also choose the non factory run version to facilitate your own operation. 

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

After you have the "DIE FOR ME" keycaps and switches, you also need a high-end aviation plug data cable (mechcables) to match. This data cable is purely handmade by a professional studio, and the color matches our popular keycap and switch of the same name. It is your very excellent choice. Pink mesh and Uptown Gold Techflex material paired with white heat-shrink tubing (also with metal tips) and light green connectors characterize the DIE FOR ME — cute to death. Just like the female killer Villanella, this cable can give you a whole new experience. The coiled design easily integrates into a variety of spaces, while the detachable Air Plug port lets you change connections in seconds. Get started with Type-C connectors to add some unique character and the best experience to your desktop.

Mozano data line Details:

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

Accessories: pure copper chrome plating

Wire material: PU set of imported woven cloth + Pet mesh

Separate connector: pure copper customized CNC aviation connector

USB shell and plug: pure copper customized CNC shell + 5u gold-plated terminal

Output shell and plug: pure copper customized CNC shell + 3U gold-plated terminal

Counterweight: pure copper customized CNC counterweight

Output type: type-C interface

Length: 1.4m

Designed by: Mozano

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

Inspired by the theme of “Killing Eve”, the above products are presented in a unique way, unlocking more interesting product experiences for players. Mozano is expected that the customization circle can develop better day by day, so that more players can choose their favorite customized products.

“KILLING EVE” Theme Mozano Cherry Villanella Keycaps and Eve Switches

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