What are the best way to clean mechanical keyboard

What are the best way to clean mechanical keyboard

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A high-quality mechanical keyboard can be used for decades, but over time, stains can be left on the keys, and even the cracks between your keys can be filled with things that can't be poured out. It's not sanitary and will be a perfect environment for bacteria and germs to thrive. However, cleaning a mechanical keyboard is not an easy task, you need to know some certain skills. This article will introduce six methods of cleaning from the outside to the inside of the keyboard.

clean mechanical keyboard

Gently clean the surface of mechanical keyboard

  • Use alcohol wipes

Mechanical keyboards will accumulate dust around their keys over time, clean them with an alcohol wipe. Alcohol is volatile, dries quickly after wiping and is non-conductive. Also, it won't damage the keyboard as it leaves no residue.

Alcohol wipes clean keyboards

  • Use a hair dryer

If you want to simply clean up the residue and dust in the cracks between your keys, then a hair dryer is a perfect helper. Directly turn on the hair dryer and let it blow on the keyboard for a few minutes, the dust and residue inside will be blown out by the wind. But remember to turn on the cold blowing mode, otherwise the keys can be heated, leading to key deformation.

hair dryer clean keyboard

  •  Use a vacuum cleaner

There are several types of small vacuum cleaners on the market for cleaning mechanical keyboards, which are better than hair dryers because they don't blow dust all over the place. However, due to its small size and limited suction power, some stubborn dirt may not be removed.

vacuum cleaner

  • Use the brush 

The brush can be great for cleaning hair and other impurities, but it is a bit more laborious and time consuming, but the cleaning effect is much better than a hair dryer.

brush clean keyboard

  • Use a Keyboard cleaning clay

Using keyboard cleaning slime is also a good assistant in cleaning the mechanical keyboard as the price is cheap and it's relatively simple to do. You can repeatedly press it into the spaces between keys and wait for a while before lifting it up, the slime will pick up grime as you go. Note: do not leave the cleansing slime on the keyboard for too long, because if you leave it on for too long, some of the slime will flow into the gap, causing damage to the keyboard.

best way to clean mechanical keyboard

How to deep-clean your mechanical keyboard

  • Step one, pull out the keycap by a keycap puller

To use the keycap puller, the wire is inserted into the sides of the keycap, then rotated to change the angle so that it is firmly fixed diagonally on the sides of the keycap, and then lifted upward. Also, we recommend that you take a photo before removing the keycap, this will make it easier and simpler for you to reassemble it. When using the keycap puller, you do not need to use too much force, avoiding damage to the keycap, especially the switch, because it is the keyboard's main signal device, and if it's broken it can be very troublesome.

keycap puller

keycap puller

  • The second step is to clean the surface of the mechanical keyboard after removing the key cap.

After removing the key cap, the dust inside the keyboard will be cleaned easier. Remove hair, food particles, and other durts using the same method described above, such as, using a hair dryer, brush, or keyboard cleansing slime.

  • Step three, clean the keycap 

Keycap cleaning is not difficult. A basin of water, a bottle of dishwashing liquid and a small brush will do the job. Use a brush to remove stubborn dirt from keycaps. After cleaning the inside and outside of keycaps, place it in a cool and ventilated place to dry.


  • Step 4, re-assembly the keycap.

You can put the keycaps back on after they are dried, but if you are worried about the keyboard and keycaps are not absolutely dried, you can use a hair dryer to blow on the keycaps and keyboard surface for few minutes, remember to use the cool air mode to avoid making keyboard deformation.

keycapsThe above is the 6-cleaning-method for mechanical keyboard, we hope it will be helpful for you. And finally, we would like to attach a video tutorial on cleaning the mechanical keyboard.

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