What factors affect mechanical keyboard feel

What factors affect mechanical keyboard feel

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In recent years, there are more and more users of mechanical keyboard. When we buy mechanical keyboard, the most important thing is the feel of the keyboard. So today we are going to talk about what can affect the feel of the mechanical keyboard?


The first thing to say, of course, is the keycap, after all, the keycap is the most direct contact when we use the keyboard, the material of the keycap has a lot, in the previous article we also have a detailed understanding of various types of keycap, here is not much to repeat, let's look at the most common ABS and PBT keycap.

ABS keycap feel delicate, not astringent to the touch, strong transmittance, suitable for RGB lighting, but long time use will appear the situation of oil

PBT keycap for delicate frosting sense, basic will not appear the situation of oil, the price is higher, thermal sublimation process transmittance is poor.

From the feel and service life point of view, PBT material key cap seems to be a little better. Key cap is the most exposed part of our daily keyboard use, so the touch of the key cap is very important, and PBT material is not easy to oil the characteristics of more suitable for the pursuit of pure small partners.

ABS keycap also has its own advantages, feel not dry, through the processing of different surface processes, can have different use feel, with good transparency, but in the daily maintenance and cleaning need to spend more time, so the key cap choice or according to personal preferences.


One of the unique sources of mechanical keyboard feel is the switch, different switch structure can bring completely different experience. Our common switch has four kinds of black green tea red, most manufacturers will take the four shaft body as a blueprint for research and development. At present, most players will be more inclined to choose cherry switch, Cherry switch has a mature production process, quality control is more stable.

But this does not affect the development of other switches, the major brands of autonomous switch slowly mature, there are also a lot of new switch users to choose, for the pit, switch selection on the attention to open key process, paragraph sense, switch sound these is enough.

Positioning plate

Most of the mechanical keyboard will have steel plate or positioning plate, mechanical keyboard has become thick, but this design is not to make the mechanical keyboard more sense of scale, positioning plate in addition to the role of a fixed switch, also plays a great role in the stress of the keyboard.

The switch is fixed on a stronger positioning plate, which can effectively reduce the shaking of the switch in the process of use, protect the switch, and the life of the switch will be longer. In addition, the positioning board will also bear the strength when we hit the keyboard, the strong positioning board can make the knock feel more crisp, play a role in protecting the circuit board.

Satellite switch or Balance bar


Satellite switch and balance bar mostly appear on the large key position of the keyboard, the main function is to assist the large key position and balance the feel. If a large key like space bar is supported by a switch alone, it will certainly produce shaking, and the feel difference between different positions of the same key position will be very large. Therefore, it is particularly important for the major brands to adjust the satellite switch and balance bar. Because of the different tightness adjustment, some mechanical keyboard keys are weak, and some of them have heavy experience feel.


As mentioned above, the main factors affecting the feel of the mechanical keyboard are key cap, switch, positioning plate, and big key positioning switch. For newcomers, keyboard switch and key cap is more important, if the hand sweat more recommended select PBT material key caps, if like delicate touch keyboard, then recommend the ABS key cap, switch, recommended for beginners of cherry switch, because the new switch is mixed, just contact players is difficult to identify suitable switch. Finally, of course, I hope everyone can choose their own keyboard!


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