What is SA profile keycaps?

What is SA profile keycaps?

Many people are confused by the terms when they first encounter customized keyboards. SA, DSA, DSC, PBT, ABS, etc. It's going to take a long time to go through all of this, so in this article we'll just focus on the SA profile keycaps.


What is SA profile keycaps

There are many types of keycaps on custom keyboards. They vary in shape based on style, ergonomics, feel and so on. The SA profile keycaps is one of them. It features a spherical design with a more rounded and concave top. In order to achieve this design, the SA profile keycaps is taller than all other types of keycaps, which is its unique shape. From an aesthetic point of view, SA profile keycaps are popular because of their larger legend and circular design.

SA profile keycaps 初号机

Who makes SA profile keycaps?

The original SA profile keycaps manufacturer was Signature Plastics. Domikey, ONECAP, and many other manufacturers also produce SA profile keycaps. Signature Plastics is a US-BASED keycap manufacturer that gained popularity for its DSA, DCS , and SA keycaps, which were originally designed as a flat profile, followed by a spherically sculpted SS profile that was later abandoned. The SA itself was later defined as a carved outline and retained its original spherical name.

Signature Plastics

Signature Plastics

What do SA profile keycaps feel like?

Compared with the common keycap, the high height of SA  keycaps increases the difficulty of the key. But even so, the SA profile keycaps has a beautiful appearance and unique button sound is still attracted many people to use, every time the click like a bullet loaded. If you've just made the transition from regular keycap height to SA  keycaps height, you may need some time to get used to the overall layout.

Black Widow SA profile keycaps

Can you game/type on SA profile keycaps?

Before asking this question, you need to seriously consider whether the SA profile keycaps is really the right one for you, which may require collecting a lot of information to confirm. A high-quality SET of SA profile keycaps is not easy to obtain, as this is a niche hobby relative to the general public.Geekhack is a place for keyboard lovers to learn about keyboard expertise, keyboard designers, and cutting-edge news. In addition to this site, there are a number of websites that sell keyboard products, such as KBDfans, Drop and Mozano. Two of the SA keycaps sold on these sites are my favorite and my daily use: Knight King SA keycaps and Unbeatable Miami SA keycaps.These two keycaps are made of Doubleshot ABS. The keycaps made by this process have smooth surface and delicate touch, and have good heat resistance.

knight king sa keycaps

  Knight King SA keycaps

Miami keycaps


 Unbeatable Miami SA keycaps   

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